Baby sign language and travel

Baby sign language and travel


Go for walks outside. Signs of weather, trees, plants, flowers, animals, people and buildings that you and your child see. Stop touching and looking carefully at items like grass, flowers or animals when appropriate.

In the playground, use characters for each of the activities, such as SWING, SLIDE, SAND, RUN, etc. During the game use characters UP, DOWN, GO, STOP, JUMP, YOU.

Use as many relevant characters as possible when you go to fun places like farm, zoo or library. If you do not know all the characters, try to make a reference schedule or a small book of appropriate characters before leaving.

Maintain love in the store by signing food and photos as you see. Play a driving game with the cart where the signator or baby writes START and STOP.

Sign baby when you leave and return with signs OUT, CAR, BUS, HOME, SCHOOL, SHOP, etc.

Quiet entertaining

Have you ever traveled with a child? More specifically, have you ever traveled with a two-year-old child? It can be challenging to say the least. But it can also be very rewarding and entertaining.

The world offers many different aspects to entertain your children today. Take for example the time my mother flew in an airplane and on both sides of her, mothers were opening their DVD players for their children. I was shocked. At that moment, I was determined to try to entertain my child in an old fashioned fashion, especially since I was unable to introduce my child to a portable DVD player and I had not yet introduced him to the television world.

The problem was that I wanted this interaction as quiet as possible. Often my trip would be to fly in an airplane to see the family. While many experiences in life do not bear a sense of pressure to be quiet, I made for myself flying in frequent quarters. With just my voice and some books, I could bring some letters, numbers, animals and color schemes with sign language to help engage and entertain my child in silent learning.

Flying in an airplane can sometimes be consumed with thoughts of how many minutes do we have until we land? It can be quite scary. Have you ever heard the words, Your crys cry always sounds higher for you than it does for others? Although this may be true, no mother wants their children to scream in frustration at a place where there seems to be no way out. Especially when sitting with your almost two-year-old son in your knee, at the window, shut off two strangers. Of course, I do not say that frustration will not go and go. It is inevitable, but quiet entertaining your child with sign language can really put both you and your child happy.

What games can you play with books and characters? For the younger, the ABC characters can be fun. Have a familiar alphabet book close, write a letter and then have your child find the letter in the book. Applaud quietly with the applause sign. This game can continue for a long time, your child is determined to find all 26 letters. As he grows older, he can write to you and find the letter. Add the sign where and yes and no, and the child begins to be more fun with the game. He can find humor when he sees that you write no when he goes wrong with the wrong letter page. Feel free to sing with; what stranger likes a mom who sings so much for her child?

Then take a book of numbers. The same game as described above can be played with numbers. Often just practicing your alphabet or number 1-10 without a book can be as engaging. Choose a character and let your child tell you which letter or number you just signed. You will be AMAZED as fast as they learn.

After your letters and numbers you can not forget your animals and colors. For colors, type where and ask your child where a certain color is on your shirt or shirt. He may begin to ask you. Point colors around the airplane and ask your child to sign the color. For animals, many books consist of stories about animals. Write again where and get the child to find the page that animal can be found on. What does that animal say? Even if you only read the book while signing really is a great way to help your child learn his characters and feel engaged in the story. Point to pictures in the book and learn new characters.

These are just a few ideas to quietly entertain your child while traveling. Have fun with it Do not forget what lies outside the airplanes windows: water, clouds and airplanes. You can also learn to go up while you leave and come down when you arrive. Who are you going to visit? Is it grandmother or your aunt? Make up your own games and let the learning, or should I say flying, start.

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