Have you lost your train?

Have you lost your train?

Often times while trying to make a point, the thought drops me. As a result, I ask someone to wait for a while, so I can reclaim my thinking. Moment later, I can remember the thought and continue.

Thoughts, like trains, travel on track but sometimes they jump them. Sometimes when we talk to people, they may not travel on our track. Our message can easily get lost or misunderstood. True communication is not always easy because you need to evaluate the message you sent. Communication is statistically the main problem in every organization, but did you know that's also the first solving problem?

In order to communicate better with others, we need to do several things quite regularly. We need to talk to others directly and easily and then ask questions to determine if our message has been communicated as intended. Do you communicate a message as understood? Learn to find your train and keep track.

In addition to learning to find and maintain your train, you must also decide what you want to achieve through your communication and in life. Identify your goals and create strategies. You must have a specific purpose to achieve your goals.

How is your life going? Do you get what you want from it? Who is ultimately responsible for your life? Now you have an idea of ​​where I go with these questions ... you are the one who is ultimately responsible for living your life successfully. Is your train on track? Is your train on the right track, could be the better issue.

Sit down right now and decide what to do and how you plan to get there. Take out a spiral notebook or better than go to an office delivery store and buy a project planner, then write down your thoughts and ideas daily. Write date and time and maybe wherever you were when you got the thought or thought. This information may be very important to you in the future. Whether you are aware of each idea, it is not so important. Your subconscious mind begins to work towards your ideas and goals.

What are you waiting for? You will never be where you are today. Time is not on your side, and it's not limitless. It is up to each of us to decide if we are willing to do what else arent, to put our train on the right track. Making things that others are not willing to do is what makes some people more successful than others. This is what the master is made of. This is what Olympic athletes are gold medals. I coined a phrase Theory of No Competition because you do not really compete with anyone else; You only compete with yourself. What are you willing to do to achieve your goals? Whatever you want, you must be prepared to get up and get it.

Once when I coached a young baseball player I saw that he constantly went up to the plate and saw that strike after strike crossed it. Sometimes he would go for a walk, but more often he would be called to never win the bat. Once when he went to the plate I told him he left the bat at the dugout. He argued for a moment but I insisted. He walked up to the plate embarrassed, but aware that he was now helpless on the plate. Strike after strike passed the plate, then he was proclaimed. He came back from the plate upset and cried. I told him he did not need the bat if he would not use it. I even told him to knock out, he had a better chance of turning instead of just standing there. Later when he was on the boat again, he turned the bat and hit the ball.

Be willing to get up and turn from the plate, but be more determined to get the hit you came for. More professional players strikeout than here but when they get a hit or a home run it can be a historic event. When is it then a smith ever got a standing ovation or waited for his team to congratulate him for a walk? This moment can only be shared by those who are willing to go up to the plate and get the hit they came for. Do not wait a minute, a second, start getting what you want from life right now. Plan your route and shoot your engine. Expect to go off track from time to time, but as long as your train is heading in the right direction you will find your track. Give the best you have to give every day and you will never lose your train.

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