Why visit Iceland? 6 reasons that make you start packing today!

Why visit Iceland? 6 reasons that make you start packing today!

One of my husbands and my favorites is to travel. Travel experience for us goes well beyond the usual all inclusive seven day resort theme. Do not give me, Ive done it and hope to do it again, but one week each year is enough to experience this option. Have you ever found that rest and relaxation do not necessarily narrow down to the pool pina coladas, an aerobics class on the beach and bingo in the evening? The whole idea of ​​vacationing, more than resting the body is to rest in the mind and for that you do not have to sleep or snooze on the towel.

Our best vacation has been the ones we have not spent much time in the same place and if we choose to do that, we always have plans and sightseeing to do. In recent years we have managed to visit about 16 countries and still count on.

Reading these words may you think Im open to all games but no, I have some preconceived ideas and although I quite accept any challenge, it was the last thing my husband suggested a little over his head.

Iceland? But its so cold over there! No, its not, he said, its Greenland youre talking about, thats cold, but Iceland is green. Im almost always adventurous but my first thought was, whats up in Iceland or see? It was the end of the discussion and after a few weeks I tried to find things about Iceland online and not to be excited about the trip, outside we were. We planned our trip to the end of March and hoped to see Aurora Borealis and still come from freezing cold temperatures.

Iceland is an island located in the North Atlantic, which lies somewhere between Greenland in the northwest, the Faroe Islands to the southeast and Norway to the east. This mass of land covers approximately 103,000 square kilometers with approximately 320,000 residents calling it at home. It is the capital, Reykjavik is about two thirds of the islands population.

Our arrival was not everything I hoped for. On landing, I could see the rough water and the dense clouds pour rain down, which I did not expect was the overwhelming wind that stuck on the island. I was in no mans country and no womens clothes! Our luggage decided to make a stop along the way but please decide to look up the next day.

Our first days were spent getting to know Reykjavik with its lack of nightlife called around and there are museums, old port and cafes, which I forgot to mention isllanders were crazy. What I discovered was that Iceland was much more than the capital. I give you at least 5 reasons why:

Golden circle: this circle consists of three primary spots; Thingvellir National Park, home to the worlds first parliament and embedded in winding streams. Stora Geysir, famous for its magnificent but rare outbursts, do not worry, Strokkur is nearby and calms for a few minutes and Gulfoss, which means goldfall due to the magnificent cascade that in the right sunshine transforms the sky into a multitude of magic rainbows.

Volcanoes: Iceland is a volcanic island, so most of its formations are the result of several outbreaks over time. The last major eruption was caused by the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in April 2010 on the southern part of the island. Therefore, this landscape is unique and like nothing else. I have been to many so-called exotic places but this moon as a landscape is one of a kind. It made my heart shrink to look around and see nothing but black volcanic debris. I was sure Iceland was like nothing else.

Glaciers: Drive along the cycle path, we continue to travel to the east, where the landscape is now transformed into glaciers that extend beyond sight. We stayed at the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon where we encountered seals to greet us and tried to imagine Pierce Brosnan in his Aston Martin chasing the bad guy in the Bond movie Die Another Day.

Whalewatching: Husavik is the place to see the big mammals in the garden, bad we were there the day before the season began but we pleased with the election museum, which is a real work of love and dedication for the conservation of these creatures.

Aurora borealis: also known as the northern lights, is a true phenomenon and although science explains this, I really felt blessed to witness these ghostly spirits that spin in the cold night. Be sure to bring a good camera to capture the light waves that the human eye can not experience.

Geothermal pools: these are natural, other times, pools have been created from hot springs brewing far below. We tried out Myvatins natural bath because we did not have our luggage in Reykjavik to go to the Blue Lagoon. Unforgettable experience in the dark rainy night ... a memory to take care of.

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